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Tungsten Ring  Questions - FAQ


What is tungsten?

In our day-to-day life, if there’s one element that gets almost minimum attention then it is the tungsten. It is, however, an important element that is used in just about everything, right from the radiation shielding to the household incandescent light bulb. The chemical abbreviation of Tungsten is W and its atomic number is 74.


Can tungsten rings be resized? 

You cannot resize the tungsten rings. This is because of two key reasons – One they are too brittle and two their atomic bonding which occurs during sintering doesn’t happen with any other additional material. So, if you have to resize a ring you’ll have to cut them and then add or remove metal of the same alloy to it. It is not possible to do so with tungsten since the tungsten is not very flexible in nature.    


How much are tungsten rings worth?

You can easily find  Real tungsten rings in the range of $ 100 to $500 But there is absolutely no upper cap on the price of the tungsten rings and it can go up to $600.  


What is tungsten rings?

The rings made using heavy metal tungsten and carbon compounds are known as the tungsten rings. They are extremely attractive and are now a popular choice amongst people over the rings made from other precious metals. The reason for their popularity can be largely attributed to their economic cost and their ability to retain their lustre. The rings of tungsten are surprisingly 4 times harder than titanium and 10 times harder than gold. Further, they are the most scratch-resistant of all metals. Such rings assure style, comfort and are meant to last.


Are tungsten rings safe?

There is a myth surrounding the tungsten rings that states that tungsten rings cannot be removed. However, this isn’t true. You can absolutely remove the rings in case of emergencies. Today every emergency responder and hospital have vice grips which help cut through the tungsten ring. As a result of this, these rings are absolutely safe to wear. Moreover, the rings tend to easily shatter or break when they are exposed to the high intensity of pressure as opposed to the gold rings that will bend around your fingers causing severe damage. 


Can tungsten rings be cut off?

Sadly, the tungsten rings cannot be cut but they can be easily removed in case of emergencies using a pair of vice grips.


Are tungsten rings toxic?

As a metal, tungsten is toxic , However, when the tungsten carbide rings are made using the jewellery grade tungsten, it is no longer toxic. 99.99% of the tungsten rings are made using the jewellery grade tungsten. 


Are tungsten rings good?

Of course, the tungsten rings are good but just like every other metal, tungsten also has its share of pros and cons.


Some of the pros of the tungsten rings include:

  • The tungsten carbide rings are the most scratch-resistant rings.
  • Such rings are affordable.
  • Just like gold and platinum, they too have a nice weight to it.
  • It is easy to remove the tungsten rings from your fingers in case of a medical emergency, even easier than gold.
  • Because of its hardness, tungsten never bends out of shape. So, in case of accidents, there will not be any deformity or physical damage to your fingers.
  • It is hypoallergenic meaning that even people who have allergies to gold jewellery can wear tungsten jewellery.
  • Though the tungsten wedding bands come in natural grey gum metal you can get these rings plated in vivid colours such as gold, white, or even black.
  • Some reputable jewellers, as well as manufacturers, give you a lifetime warranty on the tungsten rings. So, if a ring breaks down, you can claim a replacement.




Some of the cons of the tungsten rings include:

  • Though the tungsten rings are scratch-resistant and won’t ever bend out of shape but if more pressure or shock is applied to the rings, they can break.
  • You cannot resize the tungsten rings because of its hardness. So, if your finger size changes, there’s nothing that you can do about it.
  • Unlike gold, tungsten is not liquid and cannot be traded easily.


As opposed to the pros, the cons are very little, so in all tungsten rings are good.


Can tungsten rings be engraved?

Yes, today a lot of couples like engraving their tungsten carbide weddings bands. You can also get custom designed engraved tungsten rings. However, you should know that the tungsten engravings are usually different from the other engravings. Because of the hardness of the material tungsten, it gets hard to engrave or etch the tungsten rings easily but yes, you can get it done.   Check our engrave service here .

 Engrave Service

Why tungsten rings?

Today, a lot of young couples are choosing the tungsten rings over the other precious metal rings. It is primarily because of its economic cost. Another reason why people prefer tungsten rings is that they retain their lustre for a longer period of time. Since tungsten as a metal is hard, these rings are scratch-resistant and last you longer. If you want a tungsten ring for your engagement, you can attach a diamond to it and this will add to its value and beauty.


How tungsten rings are made?

The tungsten rings can be created by an amalgam of the tungsten powder with a mixture of nickel and carbon. The powder element is placed under a high-pressure dye and this leads to the formation of a blank. In order to combine the carbon and nickel to tungsten, the blank has to be fired at a temperature of 3600 degrees Fahrenheit.


Where to buy tungsten rings?

You can shop for tungsten rings both online and offline. There are several jewellery stores that have tungsten rings available for sale. If you wish to shop online, search for the tungsten rings on Google and shop for the same using any reliable online portal.


Why tungsten rings are so cheap?

A lot of you must have noticed that the tungsten carbide rings are usually cheap or rather priced lower than the rings made using the other metals. However, just like the rings from the other metals, in tungsten also there is various grade of price and quality that adds to its price. On the whole, since the formulation of the tungsten rings is of cheap fillers such as cobalt, the price is usually on the lower side.


Who buys tungsten rings near me?

Both men and women, irrespective of the need and requirement shop for tungsten rings. They aren’t specific to wedding occasions and can be owned by anyone who likes wearing rings but doesn’t wish to indulge too much into expensive metals like gold, diamond, silver or platinum.


Can tungsten rings break?

Yes, the tungsten rings can shatter if a high degree of force is applied to them. Though tungsten happens to be the hardest metal on the earth, however, this only means that instead of bending like other metals such as gold, tungsten will have to break down. Also during high pressure or shock situations, the rings can break down.


Will tungsten rings turn finger green?

No, tungsten rings will never turn your finger green irrespective of its composition. So, irrespective of whether cobalt or nickel is used in the binding process of the tungsten ring, it wouldn’t turn your fingers green. A lot of websites claim that the reason their tungsten rings do not lead to the green colour on the finger is because of the use of nickel as a binder. However, this isn’t the truth. The truth is that only the rings which have copper have a binder turn green. It is primarily because copper oxidizes and leads to the production of copper carbonate that is green in colour. Hence, the fact of the matter is that tungsten rings do not turn green because copper isn’t used in their formation.  



Are tungsten rings durable?

Yes, tungsten rings are durable. In fact, they are more durable than gold, silver, palladium or platinum.  


Are tungsten rings magnetic?

No, tungsten rings are not magnetic. In fact, tungsten is a highly non-ferrous metal with low magnetic properties. So, even if you try attracting the strongest magnet to it, you’ll barely see any attraction.


Can tungsten rings get wet?

Of course, if you put water on the tungsten rings they will get wet. But there is no damage done to the rings even if you shower with them on.


Why do tungsten rings vary in price?

You can easily spot the vast variation in the price of the tungsten rings. This is even more evident on the internet. The primary reason for this is the distinction in the composition.

So, if you get a tungsten ring made with cobalt, it is bad, and you have to leave it right away. On the other hand, if you get a tungsten ring with nickel (irrespective of how low or high the price is), it is great and you can buy it. So, the takeaway is that when you are shopping for a tungsten ring, you only need the ones that are made from nickel. It is because cobalt is a cheap filler that is used by factories in rings to save up on the material cost. Other than this, there is not much of a difference in the tungsten rings. However, you’ll still see that some companies charge over $300 for a tungsten ring . Though everything from the design to the composition is the same, some larger companies are in a position to sell the rings at a higher price because of their affluent shop location or if they have spent a large sum of money on advertisement.


What are tungsten rings made out of?

The tungsten rings are made using tungsten carbide i.e. a compound of carbon and tungsten. It is believed to be the hardest material.


Who buys tungsten rings?

Anyone who enjoys wearing rings but does not want to splurge too much on the jewellery can opt for tungsten rings.


How much are tungsten carbide rings worth?

The thing about tungsten carbide rings is that they last longer than the rings of other metals. So, a tungsten ring can remain just as new for over 3 decades. This makes the tungsten carbide rings a perfect symbol of love. Though they are mostly on the cheaper side, there are some high-end brands and companies that will sell you tungsten carbide rings at a price range of $150 to $600.  

How to check tungsten rings size.

 Check tungsten ring size chart in cm  or buy  US ring sizer 



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Are tungsten rings real?

The ability to examine whether or not a tungsten ring is real will depend on its lustre. A real top-quality tungsten ring will never lose its shine. You can check the quality of the ring by trying to smudge and mark it over a surface. If the ring resists, it is a good quality product. On the other hand, if the ring smudges easily and loses its lustre, drop it straight, it is a poor-quality ring. Check high quality tungsten rings at Tungsten rings Direct.


Are tungsten rings expensive?

No, tungsten rings are mostly affordable. However, if you want to affix a diamond to the tungsten ring for your engagement then the price of the ring can be on a higher side.


Why tungsten carbide rings?

You can opt for tungsten carbide rings since they are affordable and never lose their lustre.  


Will tungsten rings scratch?

Usually, a tungsten ring doesn’t scratch but if it is put under extreme pressure there may be a few scratches on the surface of the ring. however there are some designs with extra polish or layers of paints on the tungsten which may made over the years.


How strong is a tungsten ring?

It is known that tungsten is the hardest metal on the earth but despite all this, the tungsten rings do shatter when a massive force is applied on the rings. So, instead of bending or losing its shape like a gold ring, a tungsten ring would usually break down on being exposed to high pressure.


Are tungsten rings strong?

Yes, tungsten rings are extremely durable and strong however they may also be scratched like costlier metals such as gold or silver. Tungsten is resistant to abrasion and is the hardest metal making the rings virtually scratch-proof.


Are tungsten rings heavy?

Yes, the tungsten rings are pretty dense and heavy. They have a pleasantly weighty feel when worn on the finger.


Where can I buy tungsten rings?

Tungsten rings are very readily available. You can buy tungsten rings both online and offline. However, when you shop for tungsten rings online do make sure you shop only from a reputed seller.


How long do tungsten rings last?

Mostly, the tungsten wedding bands or the weddings rings have a permanent polish on them. So, when you shop for a tungsten ring you can be assured that this ring will look just as magnificent 50 years from now as it looks today.


Why are tungsten rings so cheap on eBay?

Tungsten is cheap on eBay because:

  1. As material tungsten is very cheap so the rings made from tungsten are also cheap.
  2. The marketing cost on eBay is less and since little to no spending is done on advertising, the tungsten ring like the other products on eBay are cheap.
  3. eBay has a competitive market and hence they usually sell the tungsten rings at a competitive rate.
  4. Since eBay will not offer you a lifetime warranty on these rings, they sell it at a price cheaper than what you get at a brick and mortar store.


Can tungsten rings cause joint pain?

Tungsten is a hard metal so removing the tungsten rings can be a challenging experience. So, for removing the rings you might need traditional ring cutters. Now, during the process of removing the rings, you may experience some joint pain or a skin reaction. But as long as wearing tungsten rings is concerned, there will never be any joint pain.  


Why are tungsten rings so popular?

There is a myriad of reasons resulting in the popularity of the tungsten rings. Some of these include:

  • The tungsten rings remain just as it is for over 5 decades. This longevity factor of the rings makes them extremely popular.
  • The tungsten rings retain their lustre and do not require any re-polishing.
  • The tungsten rings are strong and durable.
  • There is absolutely no maintenance required.
  • The appearance of the tungsten rings resembles platinum.
  • The tungsten rings are extremely affordable.
  • Tungsten rings can be availed in a myriad of colours,


Are tungsten rings conductive?

The tungsten wedding bands or the tungsten carbide rings do have moderate electrical and heat conductive properties. So, yes, if that is a concern for you, you can opt for a wooden band or a stainless-steel ring. You can also choose to remove the band if you are working in an environment where heat or electricity might pose a safety risk.


Can tungsten rings be repaired?

Unfortunately, this is the biggest drawback of the tungsten ring. They can never be repaired or resized. So, if your tungsten ring ever is ever broken or is loose, you cannot get it fixed, and you’ll only have to get it replaced. Such is not the case with the rings made from precious metals like gold, platinum or silver as they can be easily fixed, polished or re-sized.    


Can tungsten rings cause cancer?

No, tungsten rings are safe to wear and do not lead to cancer or any other deadly disorder. So, if you are planning to shop for tungsten rings as wedding bands, you have absolutely nothing to worry.


Can tungsten rings get scratched?

As a metal, tungsten is extremely hard and durable for everyday use. This helps the tungsten rings retain their original lustre and polish for an extremely long time. However, despite all this, it is true that tungsten rings can be scratched but that happens only when scratched or intentionally damaged by extensive measures such as the corundum or abrasion from diamonds. However, if you feel that you are performing a certain activity that would have required you to remove your conventional wedding band then in such a case you must remove your tungsten ring too. Though tungsten rings are quite strong and scratch-proof, the tungsten carbide does happen to be a little more brittle in comparison to the traditional metals that are used in the wedding bands.  


Do tungsten rings tarnish?

If you have a wedding ring of sterling silver it will tarnish over time and require some routine polishing. Similarly, the titanium rings tend to develop a blue patina that would require cleaning by a professional to make it look like it used to be. The stainless-steel rings too can rust with time when they are exposed to moisture. On the other hand, the tungsten rings are tarnish-proof. They are extremely low-maintenance in comparison to the other types of rings. 


How to clean tungsten rings?

Though the tungsten rings are scratch-resistant they aren’t resistant to dirt and grime. So, when the rings are exposed to dirt, they tend to develop a few black spots. You can get rid of the black spots easily and make your rings fresh and shiny again. For this, you need to take advantage of the water-resistant properties of tungsten and soak the ring in a cup of warm water. Add a few drops of mild soap or shampoo to it. Soak the ring in the mixture for about 15 minutes and then pat dry with a cloth. If your ring still looks dirty, you can use an old toothbrush to scrub off any tough dirt build-up in the ring. When this is done, all the stubborn dirt from the ring will come off. Unlike silver or pewter, the tungsten rings do not tarnish and will never require buffing or polishing. Additionally, unlike platinum or gold, a tungsten ring never loses its shine over time. All of this makes cleaning the tungsten rings easy. Once cleaned your rings will look just as dazzling as the other metal rings.  



How are tungsten rings coloured?

Traditionally, the tungsten rings come in grey colour. However, you can get coloured tungsten rings too. Colours such as gold, black or white can be plated on the tungsten rings, making it a more preferred option for wedding rings.


How often do tungsten rings break?

Tungsten rings do not break easily. However, when it is dropped on a hard surface or from a height, they might break down. 

What are tungsten men’s rings?

The tungsten rings are extremely popular as an engagement ring or a wedding ring. They are affordable and look more or less like platinum love bands. So, when you get a tungsten ring for your man it is a tungsten men’s ring. To add to the romantic value of the ring, you can get the name of your man engraved on this ring. The ring can be availed in colours like silver, black, gold or white.


What is tungsten ring quality?

The tungsten rings are extremely good quality, durable rings. They do not scratch or bend easily and retain their lustre for a long time.


What is tungsten rings durability?

The tungsten rings are extremely durable for day to day use. They do not lose their shine or polish and stay as it is for over 5 decades. Damage to the tungsten carbide ring can only happen when exposed to massive pressure or external force.



What's good about tungsten rings?

  • They are strong and durable.
  • They last long.
  • They are extremely affordable.
  • They are low-maintenance.
  • They do not require any repeated polishing and retain their polish for a long time.



What are tungsten rings made of?

The tungsten carbide rings are made using the carbon atoms and chemical compound tungsten. First, the compounds are in the powder form and then they are pressed together to achieve the desired shape.


Where can you sell tungsten rings?

If you do not have a store of your own, you can become a seller and sell off the tungsten rings online on portals like Amazon or eBay.


Where to buy tungsten rings Philippines?

There are a lot of brick and mortar stores which have tungsten rings for sale in the Philippines. However, if you want to shop for tungsten rings online, you can shop for tungsten rings at online portals like Amazon or eBay. 


Where to engrave tungsten rings?

You can easily get the tungsten rings engraved from the store where you buy the ring. Both online and offline store offers a facility of engraving the tungsten rings. However, an engraved tungsten ring is slightly more expensive than the regular tungsten ring.



Why are tungsten rings expensive?

Generally, tungsten rings aren’t expensive in comparison to the other metals like silver, gold or platinum. However, when you opt for a tungsten ring that is composed of nickel alloy it can be slightly more expensive than a tungsten ring composed of a cobalt alloy.


Why can't tungsten rings be resized?

Tungsten rings cannot be resized since they aren’t very flexible in nature and composition.


Why do tungsten rings break?

Tungsten rings are durable and strong. They do not break down easily. Such rings will only break down only when exposed to an external force or dropped from a height or onto a hard surface.